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Donations Drive - Unbound Miami -
Donate clothes to help those in need by calling Unbound Miami or dropping off clothes at our location.
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Unbound Donation Drive.
Your donations make a difference!

You can stop a survivor/victim from returning to her Abuser by Donating Today!

Call 305-905-9051 or drop-off at 1501 S. Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129. Thank you!

Personal Items

  • Feminine products
  • Tooth Brushes & Paste
  • Hair Brushes
  • Hair Ties/Clips
  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Razors
  • Nair
  • Deodorant


  • Regular clothes (men & women)
  • Sweaters
  • Sweat pants
  • Sneakers
  • Professional Attire (also shoes)
  • Sandals / Flip-Flops
  • Bras & Underwear
  • Socks


  • Work Bags
  • Backpacks (school)
  • Laptops / Tablets
  • Cell Phones
  • Gift Cards to Restaurants
  • Belts


  • Aspirin
  • Advil
  • Tylenol

Who We Donate To

Unbound actively donates basic items to THE Coordinated Victims Assistance Center (CVAC) and the Department Of Children and Family Center (DCF).

Call 305-905-9051 or drop-off at 1501 S. Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129. Thank you!

Our Mission


Unbound Miami’s mission is not only to remove tattoos and spread awareness, but to make a difference in the trafficked victim and survivor’s life by providing for their basic needs.


Call 305-905-9051 or drop-off at 1501 S. Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129. Thank you!


At Unbound Miami we are often asked for personal supplies as well as work clothes for interviews. We have been asked to secure access to shelters for sexually trafficked victims as space is naturally limited. We hope in the future we can continue to help.

We supply to the Coordinated Victims Assistance Center (CVAC) and to “Share Your Heart”  because they are tasked with providing food, clothing, spiritual and emotional support to the victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

The Share Your Heart Boutique is a warm and peaceful place where the victims feel empowered and loved.  It is located on the second floor above CVAC.  At the Share Your Heart Boutique they can “shop” clothing & food for themselves and their children at no cost. They are also provided with basic needs such as diapers, toiletries etc at no cost.  Donation’s are vital to the sustenance of this operation.


The DCF & CVAC hubs are the centers where children and abused women alike are taken to by law enforcement during a raid, or when an investigation is underway. Each hub approximately has a turnaround of 25-45 children and family members each day brought by police, detectives and DCF investigators. This requires the children, mothers and human trafficking victims to be taken care of until the investigation is complete.


During the investigation process there is a need for supplies such as: food, clothing,  water, formula, diapers, baby wipes, sanitation supplies, toys, books, computers etc. The children that arrive usually come in poor condition as their basic needs have not been met. Families often, and rightfully, ask for emergency assistance. We aim to provide this and more, as we attempt to supplement the foundation needed for obtaining employment.

SHARE YOUR HEART – Mission is…..

Victory For Youth/Share Your Heart and DCF empathizes the children in a crisis that they do not and should not have to understand.  Their stay at the hub should be safe, comfortable, warm, loving and childlike. We are committed to promoting an environment that will make their brief stay at the waiting hub a positive, caring and loving experience.


On behalf of Share Your Heart and Unbound Miami, we are respectfully requesting your help in assisting  with a donation and year round support of the organization.  You may also help as a community service volunteer.