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Be A Hero. -
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Be A Hero.

Be A Hero.

Be A Hero.


Victim of sexual trafficking, Denise Estrata, spoke at the second Human Trafficking Community Summit––she wanted her story to provide hope and encouragement.

“Today I stand”, she said, as she no longer wants to be labeled as a victim. At age 13, a relative forced her into the world of human trafficking. Slowly, he convinced Denise she wasn’t worth it and as he violated her, he made her feel that was something she deserved. Fear towards him allowed him to sell her to farm workers, where she was raped, sodomized, electrocuted and threatened. She said she was taken from her home.

A police officer investigated her case and a district attorney prosecuted her abusers.

“Today I’m not here for me. I’m here for you, and I’m here to encourage you,” she told the audience. “I am here today to tell you I know this is selfless; I know sometimes you want to give up. If you help one person — could be me — then you’ve done everything. You don’t give up. You are doing things to help others. You all are my heroes.”




Written by Alfonsina Esteva

Unbound La Salle Ambassador

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