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Upcoming Gala on November 11 -
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Upcoming Gala on November 11

Upcoming Gala on November 11

On October 6th, Unbound celebrated a pre-kick off party at the home of Yvette and Jose Almeida, on Key Biscayne.  It was a fun evening, with great Brazilian food by Marcos de Brazil and a DJ playing old and new favorites.  The party was organized as a run-up to the Kristi House Child Advocacy Center gala being held on November 11.  The party was a great success and got us very excited for the upcoming event. Kristi House Child Advocacy Center is an organization dedicated to helping victims and preventing child sex abuse. They are committed to the eradication of sex-trafficking and also to the assistance of those who have been scarred by the crime.  Unbound is truly proud to be collaborating with such an impressive and inspiring group of people.  Anything we at Unbound can do to further there cause we will gladly do.


At Unbound, we are excited to offer tattoo removal for women and girls at Kristi House, joining forces in our common mission:  liberating victims from reminders of their painful past. Kristi House, via their “Project Gold,” gives them a home and support as they transition back to a safe and fulfilling life, and Unbound’s efforts can be an important part of the process. The “brand” or “marking tattoo” binds victims to their traffickers in a way that is painful and tragic.  Erasing these marks through the application of expensive lasers is something that would be prohibitively costly.  But Unbound is happy to give them this aid for free.
Kristi House will be holding a gala on November 11 as one of their important annual fundraisers.  A percentage of the proceeds from the gala will go to support the tattoo removal work of Unbound.  Connecting the two missions will potentiate the work of each group and multiply the people that can be reached, both to solicit support and to rescue.
We hope to see you all at the Gala!
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