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Unbound is a Non-Profit Organization that was created to provide aid to the victims of Human Trafficking. As an organization, not only are we committed to the goal of raising awareness, but we are most dedicated to establishing coalitions with other organizations that provide legal, psychological, physical, educational, and trade alternatives that empower liberated survivors of human trafficking. Unbound sponsors serve to endow endeavors that best serve each individual survivor with a promise of sustainable liberty. Unbound is composed of professionals, educators, legislators, students, and volunteers each dedicated to eradication of modern human slavery.

Raising Awareness

Human Trafficking

Unbound raises awareness about the many facets of modern-day slavery through social media, speaking engagements, community events, and word of mouth.

Because Florida is part of the top three states with highest incidences of Human Trafficking, it is imperative that we bring attention to our community about this distressing issue.

Raising Self-Confidence

Tattoo Removal / Cover-up

Unbound liberates Survivor’s by permanently eliminating or covering up the tattoos that keep them tied to their past, allowing them to reclaim their identity and begin a new life full of promise and hope. Our whole society is improved, when the lives of our most vulnerable members are improved.

Raising Opportunities

Re-Integration Into Society

Unbound’s mission is to make a new future possible where one did not exist. Not only do brands impede on a survivor’s ability to move on, but they deter them from qualifying for a job. By providing them with the means to remove these markings, a future is born, these young people can now move forward with new opportunities of employment and self-empowerment.

Click here to apply for Unbound’s services!

Fiscal Sponsor

Key Biscayne Community Foundation (KBCF) is the fiscal sponsor of Unbound Miami. KBCF is a 501 (c) 3, public charity. The EIN for KBCS is 30-0239421.